Things YOU and your kids can do to PREVENT the spread of LICE



- Check your child's scalp often for nits and live lice (esp. behind ears and at nape of neck)


- DO NOT to share combs, brushes, hats and other personal items


- Keep coats and hats inside cubbies or backpacks


- Avoid head-to-head (hair-to-hair) contact during play and other activities at home, school, and elsewhere (sports activities, playground, slumber parties, camp).


- DO NOT play with other kids hair


- Keep long hair tied back


- Eggs hatch every 7 days so keep checking, even after treatment (which often does not kill eggs)


Please refer to WCPSS Head Lice page and the CDC webpage for more detailed information.


Children may come back to school after being treated for lice. Only nits that are within 1/4" from the scalp must be removed


Once we are notified that a student has an identified case of head lice, we will follow WCPSS protocol for sending out information to parents. The student's homeroom teacher will send out a notification letter from the principal and an information sheet for parents. If live lice is found during school hours, the school will contact the parent to pick up the child early and begin their hair treatment plan.

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