We ❤ Volunteers

The MPE PTA wouldn't exist or be able to function without volunteers. Whether you only have fifteen minutes or you are able to donate more time, we appreciate any and all the help we can get. 


Remember that you must complete your background check through the school computers in the media center before you can volunteer.  


If you are interested in a position you can either email the responsible board officer directly or complete the "2021-2022 Volunteer Opportunities" form which will open in your account on July 1st. If you're not sure what you would like to do or what you have time to do, email Natalie at vicepresident@millsparkpta.com and we can find something that fits your interests and schedule.




Visitor and Volunteer FAQ

Before you volunteer

All volunteers must undergo a background check at the beginning of the school year. Enter MPE, check in at the front desk to get a visitor's pass and proceed to the media center. Submit your information for a background check at a designated computer. Once the whole process is complete, you will be able to volunteer at the school or during field trips. 

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Volunteer Opportunities

We heart volunteers

The PTA can't function without its volunteers. Read about all our volunteer opportunities - there is something for you even if you have only a few minutes a month. 


Room Parent Information

Room Parent plays an essential role in communication between the PTA and your child's classroom. The PTA relies heavily on Room Parents to provide their classroom with updates on events and projects. If you are interested in being a Room Parent, simply let your child's teacher know during the first week of school.

Room Parent Corner