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 Our Scholastic Book Fair will be here from October 17th to 22nd! 


MPE's Storybook Night returns on Wednesday, October 19th. Join us for a spirit night with a local food truck, free crafts/activities, book readings by your favorite teachers and more!


Doughnuts with Grownups will happen on Saturday, October 22nd. Bring a grownup, have a (free) doughnut and juice or coffee, buy your books during the last hours of the MPE book fair. 


If you would like to join the Book Fair Planning Committee, log into your account and complete the Fundraising Chairs Interest formYou don't need any experience. Duties include helping to set up (and take down) books and merchandise that arrive packed in boxes from Scholastic, and to organize volunteer shifts at the cash during school hours and during our 2 book fair events listed above.


Click here for pictures of our 2021-2022 book fair in the media center and of our outdoor events.



Similar to  last year, we will be using e-wallets to allow students to buy books in a hassle-free cashless manner. There are two separate e-wallets as follows:


Personal e-wallet

Use this link to set up your personal e-wallet

Allows the students to buy books for personal use.

Allows grandparents/loved ones to directly contribute towards the funds for their students to shop for books

The unused funds on your personal e-wallet don’t expire. The remaining funds will be available for online use until Oct 30, 2022 or will be carried forward next year as long as you log in using the same email. For additional inquiries please contact: Jennifer Shorter waysandmeans@millsparkpta.com

Teacher’s e-wallet



Allows parents to contribute towards a fund for their class teacher to shop books for classroom use.

Suggested donations $5

(Your Room Parent/Teacher will send you their class teacher for the link to their e-wallet)



Visit Scholastic's eWallet FAQs to learn more.