Maniac Marathon is Back!

2/11/2024 7:10 pm

Maniac Marathon is now open for registration, just sign up here

This program is a great way to get students out and exercising.  Sign up for FREE and commit to running, walking, or skipping for 26.2 miles.  Don't worry!  You have from now until April 12th to complete the first 25 miles.  Students and families can go at their own pace and schedule, recording the miles on our log.  Participants will also receive a necklace (included with registration) on which they can place a bead for each mile completed.  OPTIONAL is a t-shirt to commemorate the event that can be worn for the final mile on April 12th at 10:15 behind Mills Park.  This is a school-wide event, and caregivers are welcome to come and participate or cheer on their student as they finish this fantastic feat.